Why Talent2Strength? 

We believe identifying each person’s greatest attributes is the key to thriving. Your talents top the list of your most important personal and professional assets, but identifying your talents is just the first step. We’ve developed easy, effective, and enjoyable tools to leverage your talents into tangible benefits. 

We combine our 20+ years of consulting expertise with the Gallup SF Coach certification to provide clients with fantastic resources. 

We want you to do your best work, be your best self and build your best future.

Why Positive Leadership?

Positive Leadership is a curriculum  for individuals and community leadership programs. We believe leadership is not a position but a potential that exists between people. Anyone can harness this potential. The Positive Leadership model helps an individual develop qualities, such as authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community building, reason, and gratitude so they can recognize and harness leadership for their communities.  


Adam Seaman - CEO & Coach

Adam is an organizational development consultant, trainer, and content developer who has been in practice for over 25 years. He has an MA from Oklahoma State University in organizational communication. He has created a leadership curriculum that is used by community leadership programs across the country. He leads a youth philanthropy initiative program in Tulsa, OK. Adam enjoys spending time with his dog Moochie, following competitive hip-hop, and researching the latest social science trends. His top five talents are Strategic, Individualization, Ideation, Intellection, and Input. Through these talents he helps people find tools to provide increased happiness, communication, and alignment.

Diane Luciano - Business Analytics and Operations

Diane Luciano has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communications. She comes from a background in Health Care, specifically in, Health Management Programs and Marketing where she was part of a creative team responsible for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of health management programs. She has been a part of the Positive Leadership/Talent2Strength team since 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, hiking and relaxing with her two cats. Her top 5 are: Intellection, Restorative, Empathy, Input and Deliberative.


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