Affinity Groups

Online, group training for your teams, organizations, and professional associations.

An Affinity Group captures the many benefits of team members playing to their strengths. Some benefits include: greater engagement, improved performance, better communication and enhanced teamwork

Affinity groups are any group of people that share a like minded purpose. 

Example include:

  • Hospital administration
  • Team leaders in an organization
  • Professional peer groups
  • University Student Services Personnel

In order to maximize the impact, executive team members go through the 12-week T2S curriculum together in order to facilitate alignment in rolling out the strengths-based culture initiative to their teams and organization.  They will become certified in the Talent2Strength methodology for helping people get the most out of CliftonStrengths® and apply the results toward greater organizational outcomes.

What you can expect:

  • A positive and engaging learning environment to expand your knowledge
  • The convenience of online learning
  • Deeper clarity around CliftonStrengths and the 34 themes of talent and how to harness them to drive your success
  • Ability to customize and deliver the Talent2Strength programs in-house or to other audiences
  • Access to our document generator so you can create unique, attractive and customizable reports for individuals and teams
  • Continued support through the Talent2Strength network
    Access to our growing library of T2S content and tools

Your Investment includes:

  • 12 weekly classes, 90 minutes each for up to 10 team members.
  • Pre-session materials to be viewed ahead of time in order to maximize the discussion time for our weekly calls
  • An account for the proprietary Document Generator to create unique materials for your organization
  • Access to Talent2Strength assets: worksheets, handouts, visuals, slide decks, etc.
  • Formulation of a POM framework specifically for your strengths-based initiative

"Talent2Strength takes StrengthsFinder results to the next level by creating and teaching their unique application technique. It's fun, entertaining and informative in a way that will ignite a passion within you to share what you've learned with the world!"

Macey Turley
Donor Recruitment Manager, American Red Cross

"Self-awareness and an appreciation for each individual’s strengths lead to an environment where everyone works cohesively with appreciation for each other."

Monica Basu
Senior Program Officer, George Kaiser Family Foundation

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