Foundations Course

Start applying your talents to your life today. Your talents may be your most important personal and professional asset.

Some benefits include: greater engagement, improved performance, better communication and enhanced teamwork.

Participants experience the workshop together in order to facilitate alignment and promote a strengths-based culture for the teams and organization.  Participants will learn to apply the Talent2Strength methodology for helping people toward greater personal and organizational outcomes.

Research shows people who use their talents on a daily basis are happier and 6x more engaged, and show significant workplace improvement in engagement, retention, quality, and teamwork. People who know their strengths and those of their team produce better results. 

What you can expect

  • A positive and engaging learning environment to expand your knowledge
  • Deeper clarity around CliftonStrengths and the 34 themes of talent and how to harness them to drive your success
  • Higher engagement among employees leads to lower turnover, increased productivity, teamwork, and an appreciation for team members’ strengths
  • A concrete staff development method that is consistently rated very highly among employees
    strengths are easily embedded into other training initiatives
  • Improved intra and inter departmental relations

"Thought provoking conversations about strengths that lasts long after the training."

Craig Hall
Corporate Personnel Manager, QuikTrip Corporation

"We experienced a day of further developing our StrengthsFinder® understanding and it truly was impactful."

Carmen Dennis
Director of Learning and Leadership Development, Tulsa Teachers Credit Union

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