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Here are some helpful resources that Gallup has developed to support their CliftonStrengths© (formerly known as the StrengthsFinder ©) assessment. Gallup’s Reports offer a great deal of insight into your themes and can provide assistance when discussing your or your client’s development with each theme. The first two resources can be found after you take the assessment in your personal results page on the Gallup website



Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide: This report is approximately 20 pages long. Section I of this report is the same as the Strengths Insight Guide with the addition of two questions for each theme. Section II provides a list of action steps ideas for developing each theme further. This report takes the Insight Guide a little further by offering some stock recommendations for developing each theme. Because of its length, I often forego using this report in workshops; however, many people do find the suggestions helpful.

Full 34 Report: Increasingly, clients want to get the full 34 Report. This option was recently made available in the last couple of years. Previously, to unlock the full 34 Report, clients would need to purchase a coaching session from Gallup (around $600). Now, it’s available for $89 (or $79 if they already purchased the Top 5 report). If someone already purchased the Top 5 report, they would not need to re-take the CliftonStrengths© to unlock the full 34 Report. They would merely need to just purchase the $79 version from the Gallup’s website. I consider it a great sign when someone wants to go from the Top 5 report and the full 34. It means they see value in knowing their themes and want to go deeper (a potential sign that the client has been “green lit.”). The most common questions to come up around the full 34 Report is if it’s worth doing and when it would be useful. Personally, I believe that learning one’s Top 5 is the most important thing and it takes a while to make meaningful progress on just those. However, if the client is committed to advancing their use of CliftonStrengths©, then I think it is extremely valuable to them to know their 5-10 themes and their bottom 3-5 themes.

CliftonStrengths© app is the for iPhone and Android. It is an extremely valuable resource. It’s free and always handy. It provides the results of a person’s Top 5 (or full 34, if they purchased that report). It also provides the standard definitions for all themes. Another helpful suggestion is for your clients to screenshot their Top 5 themes and save it as the background photo for the phone.



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