Survive vs. Thrive: What's At Stake?

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

Each of us exist in an ever-shifting environment of relationships, circumstances, opportunities, limitations. To the degree the individual is properly matched to his or her environment is what we refer to as alignment. To the degree that individual and the environment are out of sync is what we call contrast. Our primary aim at T2S is alignment. To achieve great alignment is to know the gap to reduce the gap between Contrast (0) and Alignment (100).

We help others excavate the authentic self (Clifton CliftonStrengths© and COIN are some examples of the tools we use) and help others shape their environments (Strengths Interventionist support). Helping people to live to their highest and best use is what we are after. When people are forced into situations where they’re not able to do that, then they are not the best version of themselves. They are living below their potential.

For example, in schools, the potential for human development is impeded by an outdated educational system that teaches to a test- which is not everyone’s measure of ability. We’re all different, fundamentally we are created differently, which is at least one of the lessons of CliftonStrengths©. Yet the curriculum all teaches us the same things in the same manner. Families are the building blocks of society, how often do parents measure success by how much their children are like them and the degree to which they meet their expectations, without really being recognized for who we were and nurtured to develop in that way? It’s harder work to do that, it’s harder to develop people in an individualized way, but that’s really what’s needed. CliftonStrengths© is a powerful agent in that regard if we can just learn how to properly harness the philosophy and tools.

We live better lives to the degree we are positioned to deliver the highest value. This is all we have to give to the world. What percentage of people are living this way? All relationships are based on this exchange of value, and our individual and societal success comes from whether or not we are operating from the best version of our authentic selves. There is no better way to live. This is the way I see it is it: If there is a way to measure the quality of life then I believe whoever experiences the most of their life thriving (on the right side of the Alignment Meter) wins. So, to whatever degree possible, we should strive away from contrast and toward greater alignment. I want you to think about, what would happen if there was a way for you to gradually strengthen your life? And then I want you to begin taking action to do it.

This is what Don Clifton was working on, and we’re picking up the torch and running with it. We need to catch up to where he was and then take the information further. We need to answer the question: how can we help others to live stronger lives? That’s the work we’re in whether as a full-time coach and facilitator, or whether it’s just a piece of what you do as a manager, parent, partner or friend.

It isn’t any coincidence that when you feel like you’ve done your best work, the people you did it for also feel the positive effects. It’s enlivening for us and people around us. CliftonStrengths© shows us that this way of living is not random. It is within our reach. The approach to life is Individual-Environment Fit (IEF). It’s at the core of Talent2Strength and the foundation upon which all our tools and concepts rest. Each of us, as individuals, have a design—a set of qualities that enable us to produce positive outcomes.

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