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course Sep 04, 2018

A Few Seats Left for Our Upcoming Class

Hope everyone had an enjoyable labor day! This is always such a great day. It resonates the changing of the seasons- the leaves are beginning to turn and fall is coming. We are energized and ready to spice things up.

Have you heard our next online class begins this month?

Why online? Your life is full. You don’t have to take time out to travel in order to have access to quality training anymore. We also believe that content is best absorbed and more meaningfully applied over time. Finally, the technology has caught up and we can evolve with the times.

If you have not yet had the chance to go through one of our online classes, then you really don’t know what to expect. Before the class, participants will experience our online Foundations workshop that will give you experience with one of our core models. Then each week, participants will watch the pre-session video for that week (60-90 minutes). Then, during the pre-arranged weekly discussion sessions we will focus on helping you apply the content.

You will become certified in the Talent2Strength methodology for helping people get results in personal and organizational outcomes. We use the CliftonStrengths® assessment as an example of how any strength-based assessment can fit into our framework for greater success for your clients. This 10 week course we are offering right now, is a Master Class. The course covers strength-based training that can be applied at every level: from 1-on-1 coaching to teams, to organization wide initiatives. Here are a few things that might mean its right for you:

  • A positive and engaging learning environment with quality content to expand your knowledge
  • The convenience of online learning and applicable discussion on the group calls
  • Deeper clarity around Clifton Strengths and the 34 themes of talent and how to harness them to drive your success
  • Ability to customize and deliver the Talent2Strength programs in-house or to other audiences
  • Access to our document generator so you can create unique, attractive and customizable reports for individuals and teams
  • Continued support through the Talent2Strength network
  • Lifetime access to our T2S library of turnkey content and tools that include power points, handouts, how to videos, activities, and more visual resources
  • The ability to take the course again (without an additional charge) to deepen your knowledge, brush up on content, etc.

Our 10 week Master Class begins September 27, 2018. We are looking forward to this class being filled with enthusiastic peers who are looking to help others live a strength-based life. If you think this might be the right time for you to register, then take a few minutes and head over to our website. Please continue to stay connected. We are anticipating more great things in store for you and don't want you to miss out.

Register Here for the Upcoming Train-the-Trainer


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