What is Talent2Strength

strength based life Aug 31, 2018

What is Talent2Strength?

Did you ever wonder how Talent2Strength began?

The StrengthFinder© assessment has been around long enough to where many of us have either taken the assessment or at least heard of it. If you have not had the chance, and you are beginning a journey for self-improvement or helping others on their journey, then we recommend you check out the assessment. Years ago, Adam Seaman (founder of Talent2Strength) completed his assessment and wanted more, he thought: what’s next? He read what was available on the themes at the time but he wanted more. There was something bothering him, he wanted to help people apply their themes to excel daily. He wanted to answer the question: how? At this point, these themes or talents were just information to him, bits of information that he enjoyed learning about himself. Adam was determined to find how to make them useful and to apply them to everyday activities. This began the process of years of research and time devoted to developing the Talent2Strengh methodology.

What is Talent2Strength?

Talent2Strength is a unique system that provides a framework for helping people live a personal and professional strength-based life. We use our methodology to orient people to why living a strength-based life matters. We also provide training to others so that they can support each other in living a strength-based life.

The talents you are given are key to understanding your themes and will enhance your areas of strength. The Strengthfinder is a useful tool but it is not the only assessment that can be utilized for positive growth. You can use any number of tools with the Talent2Strength methodology and the methodology doesn’t depend on using an assessment. We aim for people be at their best as much as possible. It will make their lives, and the lives of those around them, better. Adam provides an example as explanation: "I know that if I’m doing things that I’m not designed to do and I don’t do well, I’m a worse version of myself. Jokingly he explains: when I’m the best version of Adam I’m “Adam”, but then there’s the bad version of Adam that I call “Badam”. Badam is the version of myself that’s not doing his best work, that isn’t getting along with people the best way he can. He’s not at his best. He’s not passionate, he’s not productive. Then there’s Adam: when I’m me at my best, I’m engaged, passionate, and productive. It true for all of us—there is a spectrum between our worst self and best self and we are always somewhere on that spectrum.” Why not spend more of our lives living the best version of ourselves? It’s possible. And it starts with first understanding that best version.

How can something like this help or apply to you?

Organizing your life around and applying your talents purposefully can actually improve your lifestyle, mood, performance, decision making, etc. and in return you develop a strength-based life. The more effective we can be at providing tools that have clear application, the more our clients will thrive. We believe in helping our clients reach their goals. We believe in providing ways to help them navigate their path. It’s important that we, as individuals, coaches, facilitators, managers (the umbrella term we use is “Strength Interventionists”) see the themes as raw materials that begin the journey toward a strength-based life.

Where we do use the StrengthsFinder©, we want to stay true to Gallup’s cannon and to Dr. Clifton’s philosophy. We always make sure that whatever we teach, innovate, and develop, is consistent with that. At the same time, we want to keep advancing the knowledge around applying the assessment and the ideas around it. We want to make it easier for strength Interventionists to focus on the delivery and application of the content instead of having to create content.

Talent2Strength is primarily a content creator. To the degree we are successful, will allow Strength Interventionists to focus on service delivery. We are always striving to improve and your needs, feedback, and requests allow us to do just that.

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