A 12 Week Online Master Course to Becoming a Strength Interventionist

Interested in using the StrengthsFinder to help your clients and organizations?

We have a turnkey solution for you. Everything you need.

Developing your talents is the greatest multiplier in your success. That's what we do for you: we offer training to help you unlock the multiplier.

We want you to have the best when it comes to your work with clients and colleagues. 

The 12 week course includes:

  • Online learning. The 12 week Talent2Strength master course is done in the comfort of your home or office. The online course takes you through the content, resource library, and one 90 min call a week.
  • A Framework. A full suite of models, power point decks, application exercises, exercises, and handouts. Materials can be applied to every level: organization wide initiatives, teams, or 1-on-1 sessions. This training works equally well for independent consultants or in-house trainers. 
  • Icons. A powerful tool in helping people identify more with their themes. 
  • Library of videos, handouts, worksheets and guides. You will have access to the online library that includes any updates to the materials.
  • Support. This is one of our core values. We are here to facilitate your success. 
  • Field tested. This material has been tested with thousands of participants. 

Your investment includes:

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  • Pre-session materials to be viewed ahead of time in order to maximize the discussion time for our weekly calls
  • An account for the proprietary Document Generator to create unique materials for your organization
  • Access to Talent2Strength assets: worksheets, handouts, visuals, slide decks, etc.

Ready to Register? 

1. Open enrollment: this course is offered a four times a year 

2. An affinity group: for groups that would like to take the course together specific to their interests or organization

Contact us for individual or group rates  

"Talent2Strength has created nothing short of genius in their Talent to Strengths Facilitator Training. If you love the StrengthsFinder, you now have the opportunity to learn a simple, yet elegant and powerful process for developing teams and individual clients. "

Chris Lucerne
Gallup Master Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Coach (Gallup, Inc.), Talent2Strength Certified

"Highly recommend the T2S train-the-trainer to anyone that was truly vested in making the world a better place!"

Bill Duey, Executive Director, Talent2Strength Certified

"The certification was excellent! To be able to have a dialogue without having to travel someplace to learn, allowed me to experience the different perspective and input and interaction of everyone. The Talent2Strength material helps me counsel people in the workplace from a place of strength and arrive at effective solutions."

Julia Sawabini
Julia Sawabini Consulting, Career Coach, Talent2Strength Certified

"Being able to have the Talent2Strength visuals, colors, and images when I’m doing the training hits all the people who learn on different fronts. That has been exceptional. I can go into a room of 40 people, knowing the information on my end, knowing that it will work exceptionally well."

Dr. Jeanne Stanley
Psychologist, Consultant, former director of graduate counseling programs at the University of Pennsylvania

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