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"The document generator is a phenomenal tool for providing exceptional feedback to my students about their strengths. The personalized detail and eye-catching graphics provide enhanced insight into how one can grow their strengths, which can be used in and outside of the classroom."

Dr. Thomas Vansaghi
Assistant Professor of Non-Profit Leadership, William Jewell College

"Before T2S, I had a very surface level understanding of my top five themes of talent. After taking the T2S train-the-trainer certification, I have developed a much deeper understanding of the SF, all 34 themes, and the distinction between talents and strengths. I also now possess a practical set of tools for maturing my themes into strengths that will enhance my personal and professional life. This is an excellent tool for leadership development professionals that will expand your offerings and nicely complement what you already provide to clients. "

Jennifer Downing
Executive Director, Leadership SouthCoast, Talent2Strength Certified