A Strength Based Life:

A Master Course to Becoming a Strength Interventionist 


There was a couple who agreed to take a walk on the beach one afternoon of their vacation. They started their walk in good spirits, excited to walk to the lighthouse at the end of the beach and back.

The wife stopped to admire the beautiful shells along the sand, the way the light glanced off of the waves, and the way the birds dove into the water looking for a snack. The husband began to be visibly agitated, so the wife asked what was wrong.

He replied, "I thought we were going for a walk to the lighthouse and back!" 

The wife said, "that's exactly what we are doing!"

She has Empathy and Adaptability in her top 5 CliftonStrengths. He has Achiever and Belief in his. Each assumed the other shared their reasons for the walk. Her's was to for relaxation. His was to get some vigorous exercise. They were unaware of how these differences would play out so they had no way of aligning before they began their walk.

We can all relate to this type of honest misunderstanding in personal and work relationships. Wouldn't it be great if there was a code to help us communicate and meet our own needs as well as the needs of those that are important in our lives? There is: the code is the Clifton StrengthsFinder and we provide the tools to crack the code so that, through application, you can live a strengths based life. 

You’re probably here because of an interest in CliftonStrengths© (That’s going to be Gallup’s name going forward for their StrengthsFinder assessment). Donald Clifton said "just because you have talent doesn't mean you know you have it. It's a lifetime of discovery to know the talent that you have." We take it one step further to say that just because you know what your talents are doesn't mean you know what to do with them. Developing your talents is the greatest multiplier in your success. That's what we do for you: we offer training to help you unlock your multiplier. 

You know when you buy a book and read it cover to cover and want to tell other people about it because it just really made a difference? That’s what we want our Foundation Course: Applying CliftonStrengths for Meaningful Life Improvement to be like for you. This course is for everyone who’s interested in CliftonStrengths. We want you to be so engaged in the content that it provides incredible value for your life.

We also offer the Strength Interventionist course, a certification level course. This is for people who not only want to apply CliftonStrengths in their own life, but for people who want to introduce other people to it via coaching or training. We guarantee that after really engaging in this course you will say “This work is going to allow me to make a bigger impact with clients.”

That’s a bold statement, and one that’s not our personal style to make. But, we will guarantee it, actually. If you don’t say or think the above sentiment after finishing the course, then we would have a problem keeping your money. We only want positive relationships in our lives and Talent2Strength is a big part of our lives. In 20 years of doing this kind of work our clients have seen the most personal and professional gains using this content.

Through our organizational development and executive coaching, and background in sociology, we develop content because we are constantly looking for the best material for our clients. It works because it's been field tested and refined through use with organizations, individuals, and Universities. We also do some other things related to leadership and personal life development.

Our content development process works like this: we become deeply interested in a topic. In this case, applying the CliftonStrengths. Then we proceed to learn everything we can about it. We then develop content that can be directly applied in the field. We continually refine our content based on feedback and new discoveries in the field. By the way, anyone who goes through our certification program will get any new revisions so that you grow as we do.

Something you would want to know, but might not think to ask, is about the philosophy we follow when creating content. It’s our purpose to identify tools to help people manage the demands life places on us. We think a lot of what dulls our experience of life is that we are constantly dealing with challenges. 

We all wrestle with how to live an authentic and meaningful life. We analyze how to solve the problems that get in the way of our doing that. We find or create effective tools to meet these fundamental human needs. Every once in a while, we find one that proves to be so helpful that we want to learn everything we can about it. CliftonStrengths is such an example.

For us, it’s about the work of the man who created CliftonStrengths—Dr. Donald Clifton and his original vision. He was a humanitarian first. He saw business as a vehicle for his movement.  He saw the exact same struggle people face that we now see. We are not Donald Clifton but we do the best we can. Since he is no longer with us, we want to continue to further the work he began. 

The tool is accurate and insightful, yet most people don’t know how to apply their results or connect it to his vision for utilizing the potential when we focus on what is right with people.

That’s what we do. We apply CliftonStrengths to a degree nobody else does. We promise, if we meet someone who applies it better, we will send everyone to that person.

In the Foundations course here are the outcomes you can expect:

  • You will learn how your themes affect your daily life
  • You will learn to manage your themes to capitalize on their potential
  • You will learn to manage your themes better to minimize when they get in your way

Here’s what we think you should do. If you read to this point, then the next step is to take the foundation course. At the end you will recieve a certificate of completion for the course. If you don’t think it was worth it, then call us and we will promise to refund you. If it comes to that, the only thing we'll ask you on the call is what missed the spot for you. We continuously strive to improve this material.

At the end of the Foundations Course, we'll tell you what next steps will help you going forward. We'll talk over how to enroll in the advanced class and we can decide together if it is a good fit. You’ll know by the end of the foundation course if it’s for you or not.

We want you to experience great things.

Sign up for the Foundations course to begin immediately unlocking your potential. Everything is done online, in the comfort of your personal space.

Interested in the certification course?

Are you already interested in using the CliftonStrengths to help your clients?

Here’s what we provide:

  • Framework. We have a rich set of tools and concepts that will enhance your ability to apply CliftonStrengths, with clients. A full suite of models, power point decks, application exercises techniques, exercises, and handouts. Everything is turnkey to enable you to begin working with organizations or clients right away. Materials can be applied to every level-organization wide initiatives, teams, or 1-on-1 sessions. This training works equally well for independent consultants or in-house trainers. Completing the Foundations course is a prerequisite for the Certification Course. 
  • Online learning. Our 12 week Talent2Strength certification course is done in the comfort of your home or office. We have an online course that takes you through the content, resource library, and weekly calls.
  • Icons. They add a visual element that plays a powerful role in helping people identify more with their themes. They play a bigger role in T2S than we ever anticipated.
  • DocumentGenerator (DocGen). We have a system for creating excellent materials. Click here for some samples
  • Library of videos, handouts, worksheets and guides. We use an online source so that you immediately have access to the most current materials.
  • Support. This is one of our core values. We are here to facilitate your success. We talk to everyone who wants to talk about CliftonStrengths. The more we do, the more it helps us understand ways to help people integrate it even more into their lives.
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"Talent2Strength has created nothing short of genius in their Talent to Strengths Facilitator Training. If you love the StrengthsFinder, you now have the opportunity to learn a simple, yet elegant and powerful process for developing teams and individual clients to evolve their natural talents into their greatest strengths. Plus you have access to creating visually appealing customized tools for your clients to assist them in learning their themes that go way beyond what they learned in their reports."

Chris Lucerne
chrislucerne.com, Gallup Certified Coach (Gallup, Inc.),Master Certified Coach (ICF), Talent2Strength Certified

"Talent2Strength takes StrengthsFinder results to the next level by creating and teaching their unique application technique called Talent2Strength. It's fun, entertaining and informative in a way that will ignite a passion within you to share what you've learned with the world!"

Macey Turley
Donor Recruitment Manager, American Red Cross, Talent2Strength Certified

"Adam, you are a tremendously gifted, passionate and inspiring individual who is exceedingly generous with your time, talents and the treasure you have created in the t2s materials! I would highly recommend your train the trainer training to anyone that was truly vested in making the world a better place!"

Bill Duey
Fit-2-Serve.net, Executive Director, Talent2Strength Certified

"Before T2S, I had a very surface level understanding of my top five themes of talent. After taking the T2S train-the-trainer certification, I have developed a much deeper understanding of the SF, all 34 themes, and the distinction between talents and strengths. I also now possess a practical set of tools for maturing my themes into strengths that will enhance my personal and professional life. This is an excellent tool for leadership development professionals that will expand your offerings and nicely complement what you already provide to clients. "

Jennifer Downing
Executive Director, Leadership SouthCoast, Talent2Strength Certified

"The certification was excellent! To be able to have a dialogue without having to travel someplace to learn, allowed me to experience the different perspective and input and interaction of everyone. It was a lot of material but it was divided up in a way that was very doable. The modules were really clear. I’m constantly looking at my client’s top 5 diagrams. The Talent2Strength material helps me counsel people in the workplace from a place of strength and arrive at effective solutions."

Julia Sawabini
Julia Sawabini Consulting, Career Coach, Talent2Strength Certified

"I love Talent2Strength for several reasons. It cuts through all the fog. It is why I can be sitting with someone who I’m consulting with and understand very quickly what is going on for that person so I can adjust how I work to better work with them. It is why I can be sitting with a couple in psychotherapy and help them more quickly be able to communicate and understand each other. It really helps me in working with all the people I work with professionally. Personally it helps me better understand the same things- what brings me joy, what doesn’t. It helps me with my relationship. The certification was great because I love to get in and learn. Adam does an amazing job in helping you understand the information. Being able to have the Talent2Strength visuals, colors, and images when I’m doing the training hits all the people who learn on different fronts. That has been exceptional. I can go into a room of 40 people, knowing the information on my end, knowing that it will work exceptionally well."

Dr. Jeanne Stanley
Job Title