Positive Leadership

An Interactive, Online Training Certification

We believe leadership does not reside inside of a person but exists as a potential between people. Anyone can choose to access leadership. We help you develop qualities within yourself to effectively access leadership potential

Engage Teams, Clients and Participants


A 10 week course with online content videos and live discussions 


Why take this course?

Everything you need

An in-depth program that can be adapted for your needs and schedule. An adaptable framework, materials, tools, and experiential exercises

Used Worldwide

Our course has been used by thousands of participants, in a wide range of fields. Proven, tangible, results. Content and experiential exercises focused on direct application for participants.


Methodology works equally well for individuals, teams, leadership programs, and community wide initiatives. 

What you can expect

  • Personal professional development
  • A collaborative model 
  • Access to materials to support your facilitation such as power points, etc.
  • Discussion on how to integrate Positive Leadership into developing a culture shift
  • Applicable models and tools with visuals designed to engage a variety of learning styles

View an Informational Brochure 

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Your investment includes:

For limited time only



  • Materials include: facilitator materials, videos, experiential exercises, discussion guides, and many more resources
  • Online course
  • Group or Self-Study Option
  • Certification One Time Fee
  • Reasonable $40 per person materials fee with group rates available
  • Designed for immediate application
  • Next Group Course starts July 23, 2019. Limited Seating
  • Non-profit rates available
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