Positive Leadership

A course with tools you need for leadership

We believe leadership does not reside inside of a person but exists as a potential between people. Anyone can choose to access leadership. We help you develop qualities within yourself to effectively access leadership potential

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A curriculum designed for community leadership programs



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Our course has been used by thousands of participants, in a wide range of fields, to effectively lead in their organizations and communities

Turn-key Curriculum

For the individual: everything you need to effectively lead. For leadership programs: Everything you need to engage participants such as power point presentations, activities, and more


Applicable to individuals, medium and large groups. Methodology works equally well for front line employees, team leaders, and administrative staff

The 7 Capacities Model

In depth training to help you effectively lead in your organization and community. Our methodology is based on positive psychology, leadership research, and has been proven among thousands of participants

Positive Leadership is about harnessing the potential energy when people come together—social force. Positive leaders take actions that evoke positive reactions. To enhance one’s social force, we focus on seven timeless capacities: authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community-building, reason and gratitude. These capacities are well-documented under a field of research known as Positive Psychology.

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  • Online tutorial videos designed to help support the leader in facilitating the curriculum
  • Online course: participants can access material at any time
  • Content designed for a variety of learning styles: videos, book, activities

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Curriculum created for community leadership programs

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