Why Talent2Strength? 

We believe identifying each person’s greatest attributes is the key to thriving. Your talents top the list of your most important personal and professional assets, but identifying your talents is just the first step. We’ve developed easy, effective, and enjoyable tools to leverage your talents into tangible benefits. 

We combine our 20+ years of consulting expertise with the Gallup SF Coach certification to provide clients with fantastic resources. 

We want you to do your best work, be your best self and build your best future.


Why Positive Leadership?

Positive Leadership is a curriculum  for individuals and community leadership programs. We believe leadership is not a position but a potential that exists between people. Anyone can harness this potential. The Positive Leadership model helps an individual develop qualities, such as authenticity, purpose, advocacy, resilience, community building, reason, and gratitude so they can recognize and harness leadership for their communities.  


Adam Seaman - CEO & Coach

Adam is an organizational development consultant and trainer in practice for the over 20 years. He loves supporting people by providing tool for increased happiness, communication, and productivity. In addition to his work with talents, he has created a leadership curriculum used by community leadership programs across the country, and led a youth philanthropy initiative in Tulsa, OK for the last decade. He loves orange juice without the pulp. He has a dog named Moochie.

Phylinda Moore - COO & Coach

Phylinda is a trainer primarily in the areas of strengths development and motivation. Moore loves developing curriculum and working with people to help improve their lives. She is a writer and her book, Herculaneum's Fortune, examines how destruction and excavation offer insight to our experience with chaos, loss, and transition. She has one item left on a "100 foods to try before you die" list. So far she hasn't met anyone who has tried them all. She made Adam try okra for the first, and probably last, time in his life. She loves traveling and has two pets: a cat named Lucky Penny, and a dog named Lucille.


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